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    If the desired trademark is available for registration, you have the option of having Apolo Marcas & Patentes, which will arrange the registration for $ 390 that can be paid via Paypal or Wire Transfer (Western Union).

    Total fees: $ 278

    Validity: 10 years.


    Apolo Marcas & Patentes is recognized for reliability and quality in:

    Registration of trademarks, patents, industrial designs, software, technology transfer, franchise licensing agreements, in short, all matters related to intellectual property.

    Request your FREE search without obligation and count with specialized assistance and all the advice of Apolo Brands to check availability and to register your trademark or patent, whether in Brazil or abroad.

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    Technical manager:

    Consultant in intellectual property for more than 5 years; founder of Apolo Marcas e Patentes, a provider of intellectual property services with operations in Brazil and abroad.

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    WhatsApp: +55 (48) 99807-8777